When it comes to remodeling we always ask a client, “How long are you planning to remain in your home?”  If the answer is less than five years, we suggest that the upgrades need to be based on what will sell the house.  If the answer is five years or more then, by all means, go with what pleases you.  That said, some facts apply to every situation; large floor tiles (especially rectangular ones) make a small bathroom look bigger since there are fewer grout lines running through the floor while shower floor tiles should be no bigger than 6″x6″ because the more grout the less slippery the floor.  Also, always have a vent in the bathroom and turn it on every time you shower since this helps to keep moisture from forming.  Lighting is important also; a combination light/vent is great over a shower and lighting above the mirrors should be combined with recessed lights so that you don’t have shadows when putting on makeup.  Everyone wants as much storage as possible so ask if you can recess a wall cabinet that sits on the countertop (between two sinks or at the end of the vanity) and takes up very little space.  And last, but not least, don’t forget that if you remove the tub in the master bath to enlarge a shower you still need to have a tub in another bathroom if you want to sell your home to people with young children.