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Home Remodeling | Aging In Place | As you approach a remodeling project, especially for your home’s kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to consider not only your current wants and needs but also updates that will improve your quality of life further down the road. Think about Universal Design features that will allow you to age gracefully in your home and maintain your independence. Aging is inevitable, but disability within your home is not. With Aging in Place and Universal Design concepts, we can eliminate disability through design.

Universal Design philosophy considers all stages of life. It incorporates adaptable design to accommodate the short and tall, young and elderly, handicapped and healthy. There are many simple and subtle design ideas you can incorporate in your home remodeling project with beneficial value for all. Here are a few Universal Design Concepts:

  • Countertops at various heights will accomodate people of various heights.
  • Lever handles on faucets and doors will aid children and those with arthritis.
  • Non-slip flooring is safer for everyone.
  • Adjustable light levels, from dim to very bright, will adapt for those with light sensitivity and people with aging eyes.
  • Lowered light switches will ease reach for children and people in wheelchairs.
  • Raised outlets will reduce bending.
  • Install grab bars in your bathrooms, or at least the blocking to install them if or when needed.
  • Roll away storage under your stovetop and sink can easily be pulled out to allow knee space for wheel chair access.
  • Wall ovens installed at 30”-40” above the floor will alleviate bending over a hot oven. Ovens with a side-swing door, like this one, is an especially safe option. Be sure to have counter space nearby for resting hot dishes.

aging in placeAccording to AARP, most Americans prefer living in a familiar place, their home, throughout their later years in life. As Certified Aging in Place Specialists, we are familiar with the guidelines laid out by the ADA and can assist you in making your home a comfortable, healthy place to live, independently, for years to come.



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[testimonial]Phyllis Sussman and The Kitchen and Bath People have been a pleasure to serve for several years now. They are well organized, knowledgeable, and versatile in their design skills. We look forward to supplying them with their future plumbing and hardware endeavors in the triangle area for many years to come.[client_name][/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]The Kitchen and Bath People helped me realize the kitchen I’d been dreaming about for 15 years. Les and Phyllis have a wonderful group of subcontractors. John and Dean, the carpenters, are wizards. They created the perfect crown molding for my cabinets from filler and scribe. Tom, the electrician, was wonderful to work with and didn’t blink when I presented him with aritsan made light-fixtures from etsy. Joe, the painter, does beautiful work. I’ll be calling him the next time I need my house painted.

Phyllis has a great eye and helped me clarify my choices when I was second guessing myself. Les did his dead-level best to keep us on the budget we’d stipulated–including suggesting alternative counter-top materials and back-splash tiles. Alas, my husband and I had fallen in love with our choices and could not be swayed. So, yes, we went over budget. But it was our own fault. And we don’t regret it for a moment.[client_name]M. See[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]The Kitchen and Bath People are very professional and service oriented. Everything went smoothly from the design of my cabinets and beautiful counter tops, to delivery and then installation. They built in cabinets in my kitchen,bathrooms, living room and large upstairs office. The installation was seamless and they kept everything neat and clean. I was so satisfied with their beautiful and affordable products and work I am purchasing cabinets for my family room from them in the near future.[client_name]D. Oxley[/client_name][/testimonial]